When Hackatao Art comes to life in video calls on Faceless

4 min readDec 28, 2022


Faceless is proud to collaborate with one of the pioneers of the Crypto Art and NFT world, the duo artist known under the name of « Hackatao ».
Ranked in the top 10 best selling NFT artist of all time, the duo’s record sale is about one million dollars for « Imago 2k2 a.C », which was auctioned in 2022 through the Sotheby’s Contemporary Day Auction.

With NFT Studios and supported by Sotheby’s, the duo artist has developed « Queens+Kings » project, an innovative technology allowing Hackatao collectors to compose and customize freely their own avatars, pushing them to participate in the creative process.

An amazing way of exploring the concept of identity which embraces Faceless’ main idea of letting your NFT becoming your real face.


Our collaboration started first by animating 2 NFTs given by Hackatao for free, to all Faceless users.

A generous gesture allowing everyone to experience how it feels like to step into Hackatao’s shoes, appreciating their beautiful work from all angles.

Hackatao avatars available for free to all Faceless users

In order to celebrate our partnership, Faceless has decided to reward Hackatao community the animation of a limited number of frozen « Queens+Kings » avatars to the first holders who apply.

Once made, we have organized a Live session on Faceless in which we have presented the animated Royals to the Hackatao family, invited a few to try it and showed them how to activate their avatars on Faceless.

The winners were not only able to enjoy using their NFT in video calls, but have also received an Early Access Pass to Faceless’ Closed Beta version.

From now, they can invite anyone to do online meetings, without having to worry about their looks nor background, and express themselves freely by using their favorite Hackatao Royal which they have participated in making.

Faceless Team is looking forward to working with Hackatao in the future and growing their community, always under the same principles of : Preserving one’s privacy, free expression and creativity.

Interview with Hackatao

Faceless : What was Hackatao’s first impression when they saw their avatar animated on Faceless?

Hackatao representative : Hackatao were so enthusiastic when they first saw a Queens+Kings avatar animated on Faceless! The way it moved, its eyes and mouth, it all looked so natural and responded so accurately to them. They thought that this was an exciting evolution for the avatars but also a great utility for PFP in general.

Us, the team and Hackatao, thought that this could be a great tool for us to have our meetings on or host meetings for the community to take part in, staying true to our Web3 identities and beliefs. Hackatao could in this way preserve their anonymity and wish of not appearing on camera but also, making their calls, spaces and panels a lot more entertaining and artistic. Everybody who wants to do the same can do so with Faceless.

F: Why are they interested in Faceless? What makes Faceless different than other platforms?

H: As we briefly mentioned before, the first thing that excites us about Faceless as opposed to other platforms such as Zoom or Meet, was their web3 approach. Both with regards to anonymity and creative artistic expression.

It is a chance for Hackatao to remain behind the scenes, but also the thought of the Web3 community being more comfortable when using an app like this one. We think that it is a groundbreaking, creative way to communicate online, while at the same time, expressing ourselves by choosing between diverse available avatars or animating our own.

Hackatao think that Faceless makes things a lot more interesting, by allowing us to choose who we want to be for each occasion, to transform every time. Just as in hacking a Q+K royal.

F: What can Faceless bring to the NFT industry?

H: When creating Queens+Kings, Hackatao thought that the collector should be able to change their traits as they wish, when they want to. The avatars of the Web3 world have become a sort of alter ego for the user, who takes on multiple forms on various platforms in order to construct their world and in order to communicate with other members of the community. At the same time, they get to share their collections with an audience and to speak of their passion for collecting, through using PFP avatars.

Faceless brings a beautiful new utility to these collectors, the chance to take their newly acquired, desired identity to more places. The collector no longer has to abandon their Web3 form in order to participate in meetings, panels, discussions and so on. And again, it is so entertaining to be in a Faceless meeting! It breathes life in a unique way into the avatars we think.

By Faceless