Faceless has launched it first paid webinar for the Web3 community

From now, you can experience a new form of webinar with token gated function on Third webinar with Faceless.

おもちomochi.eth is the first user offering paid webinar on Faceless in which participants can join by purchasing SBT ticket at a price of 0.01ETH.

Once done, they need to connect their wallet (such as MetaMask) through https://faceless.third-webinar.com/ in order to confirm that they’re holder of the ticket, and after they can attend the live.

In only few days after announcement, おもちomochi.eth has sold more than 400 NFT (SBT) ticket for 2 hour webinar which was held today, supported in both laptop and mobile.

Her audience was amazed and pleased by this new and easy format in which she used her own CNP avatar to speak and taught them through 200 slides how to protect themselves from hackers and fraud when they purchase NFTs.

Once over, for those who have missed the webinar, they can purchase a SBT ticket and have access to the recorded live which is made available on Faceless Third-webinar.
And for those who attended the live and want to rewatch it, they can do it for free!

Faceless Third Webinar platform is open for all users who want to share their knowledge about Web3 in any language, at the price that suits his/her audience. Let’s support each other in order to make a stronger and unified community!

Faceless Team



https://faceless.ooo The new online meeting tool for NFT lovers!

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