Faceless has arrived to bring NFT to life

Faceless (https://faceless.ooo) is the first online meeting tool using NFTs as avatars. Not only it protects users’ privacy but it promotes crypto art by giving it an additional utility.

Also, the application offers a Live streaming option allowing NFT creators to interact with their community by using their own art.

is currently in Closed Beta version, only available on PC/Mac browsers and will soon be usable on Mobile and as a app on Laptop.

The story

Since the face-to-face meetings were replaced by virtual calls, it has forced participants to turn their camera on in order to show engagement and interest. But what most of people aren’t aware of is that it has also increased anxiety and fatigue among users.

Some refuse to turn it on because they are simply shy, others say that it makes them feel self-conscious and can’t stop looking at their face leading them to be more critical of themselves and has lowered their self-esteem, while others consider it as “an invasion of their home and privacy”.

A few of the many reasons why more people choose to not show their face on online meetings. By disabling the camera, it is proven that it improves user’s wellbeing and makes the meetings more efficient.

But the idea occurred to me in 2022, when I’ve noticed an increase of people using their NFT in profile pictures, giving me the impression that they wanted to be their own NFT, but they were limited to a simple static image.

I was struck by the thought of making NFT move in a video call, which would allow their owners to take it out to the real world and at the same time be who they want to be, whoever and whatever.

This is how I decided to create Faceless, allowing NFT creators, collectors and lovers to share their passion and at the same time preserving their anonymity.


Once I have completed the Beta version, I have animated few NFTs made by Japanese creators. And after showing them the results, the reactions were priceless.

They have never imagined that their work could reach this level of realism. They felt like it became alive!

Gathering with your community

The more I animate NFTs and allow people to use it as an avatar in video calls, the more people get attached to it, and it seems like it creates a special bond between them.

I deeply believe that Faceless can be of a great asset for NFT creators by pushing them to elaborate a new way of thinking and creating, which would allow NFT industry to expand to a wider audience, and give each NFT art a personality and finally a life among us.

Creator of Faceless



https://faceless.ooo The new online meeting tool for NFT lovers!

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