“CryptoNinja”, the biggest Japanese NFT project is now animated on Faceless

2 min readJan 6, 2023

Faceless is delighted to announce it partnership with « CryptoNinja » (CN) and « CryptoNinja Partners » (CNP), the most active NFT projects in Japan.

Also the founder of the largest DAO in Japan « NinjaDAO » (63K members), Ikehaya has started in September 2021 with « CryptoNinja » (CN) project, as soon as NFT became a hot topic in The Land of the Rising Sun.

In May 2022, he participated in launching the famous NFT project known under the name of « CryptoNinja Partners » (CNP), another project generated from « NinjaDAO », by releasing 22,222 NFTs featuring ninja-themed cartoon animals, and were sold out in less than an hour and a half.

Despite the continued weakness of the crypto bear market, his many projects continue to gain popularity and « CNP » is known as being one of the largest NFT communities in Japan with more than 40K members.


Ikehaya is one of the first NFT creators to have tried our meeting tool and showed his great interest to our innovative approach.

He gave us the idea of extending our concept to a Live streaming platform and we have organized an online community meeting on January 6th 2023 which had gathered more than 500 viewers.

500 viewers have joined the Faceless live

To celebrate our collaboration, Ikehaya has offered 3 NFTs to all Faceless users and 25 for all “CN” and “CNP” holders.

28 CN and CNP animated NFTs on Faceless

And in return, we decided to give Free Access Passes to his communities. And a limited number will be selected to get their NFT animated by our team and can become their own PFP in online meetings.

Tweet from one of the live viewers

It’s the beginning of a collaboration which we hope will continue, by providing Ikehaya, his associates and holders : privacy, innovation and freedom of being and speaking to their future online lives & meetings on Faceless.

The 1h live with Ikehaya and Munakata on Faceless

Faceless Team